Sunday, 20 March 2016

Youth loves what eld hates

Forgiveness, clears our souls, mends our minds, calms our hearts.

Judgementallity, rules our lives, embraces our actions, files our believes.

Karma, determines our actions, teaches about the consequences, endorses the bold.

Sympathy, softens our feelings, leads to understanding, makes us happy.

Memories, show us our truth, make us nostalgic, set our future.

Time, runs our world, changes everything, holds our destiny.

The world we know one day will become something else...

Sunday, 17 January 2016


While being weak, learning from geniuses' energy, admiring them, listening to the universe music, sighing...

My joy is my pain, never letting me go... Always wanting freedom, but never being brave enough to get there, why?

Tired of this emptiness, of my apathy, of my material weakness. They use it for joy, why can I not do the same? Why do I get slave of my own chains?

I bloody create them. I say I am generous, because other people's happiness is my own happiness, but this is only partly true...

Oh my... My complaints are useless... My voice is cracking in front of my cowardice. Just let me be! I tell myself... Let me be!!!