Wednesday, 7 October 2015

Wings of time

Sometimes I wish I could fly, and soak my sorrows with the steady wind. Crossing mountains, clouds, following the starlings´ flocks, forgetting what stays behind, only looking ahead, above and below.

Sometimes I wish I could admire the world from above, feeling only the lightness of its beauty. Letting others feel their heavyness, forgetting mine, my condition as a being made of matter.

Sometimes I wish I could become another creature of light, a beautiful animal, an old tree, or a tiny fly, and experience what real life, with another conscience, feels like.

Sometimes I wish I could wash the pain, like the time when goes bye. Covering the universe like the most powerful god, with its humble non-stopping pace.

Sometimes I wish I could not be afraid of anything and feel brave like a lioness when is following its prey, like a fir tree when is breathing during the winter, like the river when is meeting the ocean.

Sometimes I wish my tears would empty my heavy heart, but I can't. I need to see the world feeling happy, but my short sight is blurring eveything before me.

Sometimes I wish I could feel the lightness of the light forever.