Wednesday, 13 May 2015


A big lion is looking down at you, from the north, from the cool, from the clouds. Never looking over you with pride, but with hope, with caring soul, with humble eyes, watching your steps, in case you decide to go to see him back one day.

Be patient, don't feel afraid, be yourself and confident. The lion is your angel, your compassionate light. Your soul is waiting for the right time, while life is happening every day. Ride your life, the lion will be your guide.

Among the stars you will see his deep eyes, eternally watching over you, as he has always done, but you never knew before, until now. If you look up, he will show you the way, but you have to look up, towards north, towards the cool, to the clouds, to the stars, and then, you will find the path to follow.

Remember you haven't lost your track. You have the knowledge of your fate. And it will reveal to you every day, when you patiently and fully live your life. Look up! The lion is smiling back at you.

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