Tuesday, 22 April 2014

Bursting out

Let me burst out. Don't repress my feelings. Don't stop me. Please. Drops of salty water and full expression is what I need. It is part of life. It is part of my life. Do your thing, I will do mine. I bother nobody. I do it in silence. At least, le me do it!

Words, actions, time running through our hands... Let the word be, respect the world. We must stop this craziness and start loving what gives us life. I bear this suffering and nobody understands, they always see a sad soul but they never ask why. They simply don't care. OK... it's up to them, I won't say a thing because every time I do I suffer more. And I will do it again, even if I say I won't. I can help it. I have to burst out. And it is in our consciousness. Old pagans use to respect, and animals do respect. What is wrong with us?

STOP it now! Or you'll regret it, because I know it and I am not scared of what all of you are. Because I know, and knowledge puts fear away.

Just think about it and let life be!!!