Saturday, 19 January 2013


Runs. Sometimes very slowly, sometimes very fast. Sometimes so fast you only remember those days when you were happy or you thought you were. Sometimes it only trails on its track sluggishly like a snail and every day seems exactly the same as the previous one.

One can realize how quickly it goes by looking at newborn children after a while... A little while can be twelve years... But five minutes can be an eternity if you are having an argument with a loved one or a complete stranger, it can be painfully long as a razor cut.

People say happiness goes quickly, and happy times usually run faster than painful ones. And yes, it's true, but thank god the memory usually plays the opposite game, one can remember more often happy times than sad ones as if those good moments were longer.

And times change as well, as do people -remember the twelve year-old kid-, places and the universe. Nothing stays, everything goes. Remembering Heraclitus' words let's get the best of it.