Saturday, 27 June 2009


Nympha is looking for something. She nearly got a job, luckily she will get it. She is looking for a flat and she's seen a few she likes, but still has to think about it. She also needs the job.

She is happy now. She is a passionate lady, born again. Loving soul, she loves her past but loves more her future. If she could be a fish, or a bird, or a lioness, even a fairy... She can do magic, oh yes, she can. She is living in magic.

She is in love, very. Not her fault and, at the same time, yes. So what? It is wonderful to be in love. Nympha is alive again. Satyr is with her.

Saturday, 20 June 2009


Do you believe in ghosts? ... I usually don't, until I find one. It turns out I have one in my room. I can feel it. He (I think it's a not so old and a bit naughty he) is in pain, or bored or I don't know, but he really wants to bother.

I think he is living in my room, because he's not very welcome at the rest of the house. The two strong females, especially the dog, keep him away of the other rooms in the house, obviously to live in peace.

But I am not so strong!!! Or at least, I don't really know how to deal with him. He is scaring me. He provoked a series of nightmares last night. At 4.30 I woke up until about 7.30. I had to switch on the light and play "Snakes" on my mobile phone. I called the dog, she loves me and came straight away. I believe she kept him quiet so I could sleep for about three more hours.

I felt something quite inofensive when I got into the room three days ago, and the funny thing is that I can see he just wanted to scare me last night. And I don't want to think the reason, but I can see he wants to keep some kind of sacredness I am not respecting. He doesn't like me. Is he from the old school, or just playing with me? I am a good person, come on! (I am not?)

I am alone tonight. He knows that, and just getting into the room my heart starts beating with an excess rate, my blood pressure goes high and I start panicking. Bleeding hell!!! I just hate that. I can feel the ghosts so easily. What shall I do? I won't be able to sleep tonight, I don't know. And obviously I can't get him out, it is HIS room. He's been there for a lot longer than me, that's for sure. I understand that. If I could I would just go. I don't want to interfere in anything, you know?

Wish me luck.

Thursday, 4 June 2009

Goddess change

I hear the wind. I hear the silence. I feel pain, endless pain... I need to get over this pain, the wind and the silence will help. Maybe the rain. Maybe the sound of the sunlight. Maybe the happiness hidden somewhere I am looking for, and I am just about to find.

I can see a lot of light, because it is a beautiful June. Juno, the goddess of the light and the earth, has blessed us with all the splendor. I can touch it. I can feel the warmth even in the coolness of the 4th of June in London. Exactly 16 years ago on this date I became a biological woman. It was nearly full moon, like tonight.

My inner moon is asking for this change. Every 8 years my life seems to experience a big change. It is time now.

Bye bye, lovely. Welcome, dear.

I feel pain, endless pain...